2021 Election

North Star Pickleball Association is a member elected board of directors. Each position has a two year term and those positions are staggered to offer freshness and accountability to our mission. In February 2021,three positions are up for election. Per our bylaws, we have a process and procedure that must be followed for our association election.

Voting Information

  1. Print ballot here: BALLOT
  2. Voting will occur February 1 through February 17.
  3. Mail ballot to the following address:
    12245 Magnolia St. NW
    Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Nominees and Nominee Statements

Vice President

The Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of the President’s duties and shall exercise all the powers of the President in the case of the President’s resignation, removal, assassination, or death. The Vice President shall preside over all meetings of the North Star Pickleball Association or the Board at which the President is not present. The Vice President shall be the primary board contact with the staff regarding the Ambassador program.

Lori Urmann

NSPA members,
I am interested in being part of the North Star Pickleball Association’s Board of Directors, therefore I am running for the position of Vice President.  The current effort to create opportunities for the numerous and varied Pickleball players in the area is exciting and NSPA’s vision for the future of Pickleball is something I would like to help make a reality.
I am a founding member of North Star Pickleball Association. During this first year with NSPA, I have taken on the role of Chairperson of the Membership Committee.   During the past couple of summers, I was very involved with North Metro Pickleball League. I would love this opportunity to serve on NSPA Board of Directors and have impact on the direction of Pickleball in our area.  Your trust and your vote are appreciated. If you have any questions for me, I welcome a conversation. lori@northstarpickleballassociation.com.

Chad Isaacs

No statement provided.

Director of Intermediate Play

Required to have a USAPA rating of 3.5–4.499 to hold this position. Exceptions can be made by the President if no qualified members are willing to hold the office. This office will represent Pickleball play for intermediate players to the board and community. This will include, but is not limited to, places to play, advocacy for designated times, programming and other needs for advanced players in the association and community. 

Cris Holst

I have been playing pickleball for four years and enjoy meeting new players and the interaction that has come from being associated with the North Star pickleball association.   I hope to contribute my time and effort as the Director of Intermediate Play to continue building the association and provide more access to league play.   Over the past year, I have contributed time assisting the operation of the intermediate winter league.   Also, I would like to build a method where people can connect with others that share similar skill sets and setup pickleball play.


The Secretary shall record the Bylaws and minutes of meetings of the Board. Storage of official Board documents shall be within the Board Private file and jointly managed by the President. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board. 

Sara Klein

I have been playing pickleball for about two years and have enjoyed being a part of the pickleball community. I am a founding member and believe in North Star Pickleball Association’s mission statement. I am currently the secretary of North Star Pickleball Association. With a year of experience, I plan to improve communication and organization within the North Star Pickleball Association. 

Voting Information

  1. Print ballot here: BALLOT
  2. Voting will occur February 1 through February 17.
  3. Mail ballot to the following address:
  4. NSPA
  5. 12245 Magnolia St. NW
  6. Coon Rapids, MN 55448

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