Our Mission

We are a non-profit association whose mission is to advocate, educate, and develop pickleball in communities for players of all skill ranges and demographics. This can be accomplished by:

  • Providing continuous education and advocacy to the decision makers on the changing needs of the pickleball community on existing and future facilities (indoor/outdoor), scheduling and programming.

  • Creating events and programming in communities that support, but are not limited to, the novice, intermediate, advanced, recreational, social, and professional pickleball player.

  • Becoming the main resource for members, players, facility operators, city and state directors, tournament directors, new players and all other community members that are seeking pickleball information.

Board Members

Meet the Board


Please read below for information on what the committees are about and who to contact if you are interested in a position on one of the committees.

  • Please only volunteer for one committee at a time.

We have three committees that help power the association. We started these committees to get up and running, we are looking for members who are willing to volunteer their time to help us achieve our mission.

Ambassador Committee

  • Initiation, promotion, and coordination of pickleball programming
  • Recreational play
  • Leagues
  • Clinics/Lessons
  • Other programming


Golf Buachart

(763) 639-3654

Membership Committee

  • Marketing for new members
  • Member Info
  • Merchandise
  • Sponsorships
  • Membership packages
  • Member retention
  • Other membership benefits


Lori Urmann

(763) 229-5424

Communications Committee

  • Create and manage webpages
  • Create and publish newsletters
  • Manage other media (Twitter, Instagram, etc)
  • Other communication related items


Twila Jesso


(763) 913-1064

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