After clicking on the registration link go to the tab under Adult Activities and click on pickleball.

North Star Pickleball Association currently offers two different types of leagues. Not all leagues are available at any given time. We continue to work with municipalities to offer as many leagues as possible in our region. Keeping the play even and competitive is our top priority for league play. League play IS NOT open play. Each league may have different criteria as far as ratings, experience, etc. Please check each league’s information page for specific details.

Round Robin Leagues

This is our most popular format as it has a number of advantages:

  • You do not need a partner to play
  • Any number of players can show on a given league night.
  • No attendance is required and no notification is needed when players cannot attend a league night.
  • Players get to play with multiple partners each league night.
  • Players will move up and down the ladder by gaining and losing league points per their performance.
  • Points are cumulative throughout the duration of the league.
  • The points are won and lost according to the strength of the team players are on and the strength of the team they play against.
  • Each game is its own separate instance and players will have multiple opportunities to win/lose points each league night.

    There are a few disadvantages:

  • Large differences in skill levels can create uneven play.
  • There could be a slight benefit/penalty for attendance.
  • Requires a lot of data collection (names, scores, rotation schedules, etc)

Round Robin League Formula

This is an example of the formula executed at the end of each game.


a = Player 1 rating

b = Player 2 rating

c = Player 3 rating

d = Player 4 rating

Team 1 = Player 1 + Player 2

Team 2 = Player 3 + Player 4

r = Team 1 score

s = Team 2 score


x = (a+b) / 2 * .04 / 2

y = (c+d) / 2 * .04 / 2


if ( r > s) {

a = a + y;

b = b + y;

c = c – y;

d = d – y;

} else {

a = a – x;

b = b – x;

c = c + x;

d = d + x;


Attendance Calculations:

Each player enrolled in the league that is absent will lose 200 league points. All the points from absent players are added together and divided by the number of players that attended. Each attending player that session is awarded that number of points.

Partner League

This league format has players choose their partner before the start of the league and they play with that partner for the entirety of the league. They are assigned a game every week and schedule their own times to play. Results and scores are uploaded to the website and they are seeded per their record in a bracketed tournament at the end of the season.


  1. Players choose their own partner.
  2. Players play with the same partner the entire season.
  3. Different skill levels in teams does not matter as much.


  1. If partner get hurt, or cannot schedule games, players forfeit.
  2. Do not play as many games as in round robin.
  3. It takes much longer to complete a season

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