Skills Clinic

Practice with the Pro

Saturday, September 26

10:00am – 12:00pm (2.0 – 3.4)

12:30pm – 2:30pm (3.5 – 4.0)

3:00pm – 5:00pm (4.0+)

*Clinics could be merged depending on size. Final confirmation of exact times will be sent out Friday, September 25.

*Please sign up for clinics based on current skill level

In groups of 12-16, participants will spend 2 hours with club pro Brent Waiwaiole. He will work with players on a series of drills and different skills including dinking, volleys, blocking, serves, returns, etc.

Brent will teach a number of pro strategies such as: when to speed up points, when to slow down the game and reset; how to control the kitchen and how to play aggressively to win points. Brent will cover these topics and many more. 

There is limited space – A maximum of 16 players per clinic are allowed

Brent Waiwaiole, Blaine MN

  • 5.0 rated tournament player
  • Pro sponsorship by Paddletek
  • Director of Advanced Players, NSPA  
  • US Open (Gold Medalist)
  • Middle States Regional (Gold Medalist)
  • Hawaii Open (Gold Medalist)
  • 25+ more local, regional, and national tournaments


$40.00 – Non-member (NSPA) and non-resident (City of Anoka)

$35.00 – NSPA member, non-resident (City of Anoka)

$35.00 – Non-member (NSPA), resident (City of Anoka)

$30.00 – Member of NSPA and resident (City of Anoka)

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