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North Star Pickleball Association


May 1, 2022 - October 31, 2022

North Star Pickleball Association has partnered with neighboring cities to provide open pickleball to all community members. As the largest non-profit pickleball association in the region, it is our mission to organize pickleball that is fair and inclusive throughout our community, to all players of every demographic, regardless of experience or skill.

Historically, community pickleball courts have been occupied by small groups of players that create their own days, times, and policies. These restrictions were often created in good faith, but without proper representation from the pickleball community as a whole, and most often without permission and awareness from city officials and decision makers. New or visiting players that were not part of the immediate group would be at the mercy of these "private" rules and often felt excluded, frustrated, and unwelcome because of the restrictions. The North Star Pickleball Association has consulted with hundreds of pickleball players and recommended that our cities get together and come up with one set of policies to govern fair and inclusive open pickleball that welcomes all players. City officials got together in 2022 with the North Star Pickleball Association and created a set policy for all pickleball parks. Each park has a different schedule to serve its community, but with the consolidation of policy, all players can come join the fun at any of the parks and not have to worry about different rules and regulations. What an accomplishment by these cities!

All North Star Pickleball Association sponsored open pickleball times will use the "NextUp" paddle rack system to manage court assignments.

Instructions on how to use the racks and specific park schedules can be found posted at each park and on our website. Check each specific city website for more information. 


Riverwind Park, George Enloe Park, Sunny Acres Park, Lexington Athletic Complex, Hidden Pond

When the courts are full during designated times, the following policies will be followed:

  • Only doubles pickleball will be permitted
  • All games will be to 11, win by 2
  • All games will start and finish on the same court (no court shuffling)
  • When a game is finished, players will leave the court using the nearest exit
  • Players MUST place their paddles in the paddle rack to indicate they are ready to play
  • Paddles can be placed in the rack, in any open slot, in any order, behind other placed paddles
  • Foursomes created behind the next game must wait until the next game is filled and playing

When the courts are not full, or during any other non-posted times, all courts are first come, first served per the city. 


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